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Archaeology of the Soul

Archaeology of the Soul

Dragonfly wings, bumble bee wings, rose petals, wasp nest, earth, beeswax, Bible pages

19 x 11.5 inches

Song of Solomon Ecclesiastes Jane's Nails Matthew (The Passion) Mark (The Passion) Luke (The Passion) John (The Passion) John (Last Supper) Mark (Last Supper) Matthew (Miracle) Mark (Miracle) Luke (Miracle) John (Miracle) Matthew (Parable) Mark (Parable) Luke (Parable) John (Parable) Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Canticles Archaeology of the Soul Key and Nails Genesis and Apocalypse Genesis and Apocalypse (detail) Psalms Proverbs Proverbs (detail) Prophets Prophets (detail) Kings Kings (detail) Judges Judges (detail) Ecclesiasticus Ecclesiasticus (detail)