Time Stop X

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"Time Stops": Interactive kinetic and sound works installed in various locations in Waterloo, in May, June and October 2017

For more information on the "Time Stops" project, check out the video below or see Why a Waterloo artist is hanging boxes with trinkets in his neighbourhood , an article on CBC's website.

Recent Exhibition: "Waiting for the Sea, Waiting for the Sky" was a solo exhibition of kinetic scupltures at kunstraumno.10 , in Monchengladbach, Germany, October 2016. These whimsical and dark sculptures incorporate clocks, toy canaries, paper boats, first aid kits, weather recording devices, and music boxes to explore our fears of the impending catastrophic effects of climate change.

See some of Paul Roorda's kinetic sculptures on YouTube:

Also see In Conversation With: Paul Roorda , an interview with Paul Roorda in the Italian art magazine ArtShip.

Paul Roorda's artist talk at the opening of "Rites and Remedies" exhibition, available on YouTube. In this talk, Roorda explains some of his thinking about the art in the "End of the Book" series and earlier art as well.

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Paul Roorda would like to acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for a project grant for his work in 2015. He would also like to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council for its continued financial support of his 2017 projects and exhibitions.

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