Time Stop XI

(See map of installation locations as well as a Youtube video of similar work below.)


The Time Stops Project has been cancelled due to theft. Four of the fourteen works installed this month have been removed and the remaining pieces have been taken down to prevent further loss. Paul Roorda would like to thank the Waterloo Region Arts Fund, the City of Waterloo, and the Mary Allen neighbourhood for their support of this project.

For more information on the Time Stop Project, check out the video below or see Why a Waterloo artist is hanging boxes with trinkets in his neighbourhood , an article on CBC's website.

Time Stops are for sale. Please inquire by email. More information can also be found on my Artist Statement page.

Map showing installation locations for beginning of May, 2018:


See some of Paul Roorda's kinetic sculptures on YouTube:

Also see In Conversation With: Paul Roorda , an interview with Paul Roorda in the Italian art magazine ArtShip.

Paul Roorda would like to thank the Waterloo Region Arts Fund for its support of the Time Stops Project. He would like to acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for a project grant for his work in 2015. He would also like to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council for its continued financial support of his 2017 projects and exhibitions.

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Ontario Arts Council http://www.paulroorda.com/imgs/cac_logo.jpg